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Because reasons →

because can be followed by a finite clause:

I left him because [he sold my prize-winning armadillo].

It can be followed by a prepositional phrase:

I left him because [of his unbearable stench]. 

But a non-standard usage is gaining wider and wider acceptance, namelybecause+noun (often a proper noun):

I can’t come out tonight because Skyrim.

This isn’t a straight nonstandard equivalent to the other uses - it’s different. It means something like ‘I’m so busy being totally absorbed by X that I don’t need to explain further, and you should know about this because it’s a completely valid incredibly important thing to be doing’. This page is all posts that were tagged with #because Skyrim.

But has a similar use (taken from the same Tumblr page):

Okay I’d totally love to read my dash and everything but Skyrim.

I like it.

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    How about this: "I won’t give attribution for this comic because lazy." Here you go: “Pardon Me,” from the comic Three...
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    So, absolutely every example sentence above is acceptable to me. Yes, some of them sound a little odd; that’s sort of...
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    WOW. I saw that comic, yeah, but I did not know that was the origin of the use. I really hope that’s right - it’s so...
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    It sounds especially weird when I put several words after it. Update: Where “because noun” probably came from.
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    With regards to the last one, “because reasons” is actually a paraphrase of “because of reasons” which originated...
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    God I love stuff like this when it’s all spelled out.
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  23. mtpham said: Woops, forget I said the NP/DP part, since movement out of ‘because’ complements seems to always be extraction from a PP.
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